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It's OK to call a P.O...... We're not perfect either!

08/19/2013 9:47 AM | Mary Cate Claudias, CPO®

‘Done is better than perfect’.  Not sure who said it originally but it sure has been a great reminder for me lately.  Little story to start us off…. I bought a $25 water bottle at Target about a year ago.  It has a flip top so when I’m on the job it’s clean and convenient.  I’ve come to realize that the relationship between my water bottle and me runs on a very interesting level.  Try as I might, I can’t seem to lose it.  I have left that thing at so many different clients’ homes and offices and somehow, I still get it back each time!  And of course the beautiful irony in this situation is that I’M THE PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER leaving her things behind in a wake and tide of having just restored some order to chaos and put belongings in their rightful place so they don’t get misplaced!

So while the lost water bottle saga continues with at least 2 out of every 5 clients…. It continues to be a great conversation piece, ice breaker, and laughing matter at my expense…. which is actually quite nice.

It reminds everyone present that no one is perfect or organized all of the time.  And it’s important to remember that.  There are a lot of us in this industry who tend to thrive from a system and do a silent happy dance when the plan comes to fruition.  But it’s good to keep in check the amount of time and energy that’s going into maintaining those systems.

Yes, of course maintenance is the key to any good sense of order – but having run a business for three years, run a family, a home, events, and juggling those curve balls that pop up once in a while, I’ve learned that SOMETHING’s gotta give.  There’s an awful lot of talk out there about life balance, etc. etc.  It’s overused but it’s still true.

Fellow organizers and our fabulous clients both… repeat after me:

  • When I’m sick, I am allowed to be sick and not do anything else.
  • When I need a break, I should do that without guilt or feeling as if I’m being unproductive.
  • And when I want to go have fun, I will! 

Whether you’ve thought about bringing a professional organizer into your space or not, remember that whatever your situation is, there is no judgment in our eyes.  Perhaps your parents’ house has been sitting full of undealt-with items for years after their passing.  Perhaps your business is silently struggling because the paper and time management has gotten out of control.
Perhaps your surroundings have gotten away from you and you’re embarrassed to invite friends or family in to your home.  Maybe you don’t ask for help well.  (I know that all too well.)

And we get that it’s not easy to make that call…. Especially to someone who you may believe has it together ALL of the time?

Well I’m here to be the first to tell you that we don’t.  We’re not.  And we can’t….. do it all I mean… ALL of the time!

Done is better than perfect and we’re usually just looking for people who are ready to take that first step.  After that, ‘good enough’ is just great.

© 2013 Mary Cate Claudias, Charm City Organizers. All Rights Reserved.

Mary Cate Claudias is a Professional Organizer and founder/CEO of Charm City Organizers, LLC in Baltimore City, Maryland. Drawing on her experiences in teaching, coaching and non-profit management, she helps small businesses and home owners live less stressful and more productive lives. 

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