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5 Simple Steps to Create a School and Art Memory Box

06/12/2013 12:04 PM | Anonymous

by Cheryl Osterhouse of In Order for Life, LLC 

Another school year is coming to a close. Another year of your child's masterpieces are piling up. Now is the time to create a very simple system to save their school work, art work, and accomplishments.

This can be done in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Purchase a few simple supplies to create a School and Art Archive for each child

  • A plastic file box
  • 12-15 dividers (1 for each year of school + preschool)
  • A larger document or art box for those larger pieces of art

Step 2: Create a simple label for each file box, using a permanent adhesive label - be creative.

Step 3: Purchase or find a basket or bin, that you can keep in the hub of your home to gather their treasures

  • As your child brings home all of their potential treasures, their brilliant writings and artwork, their awards and accomplishments, and their sweet cards, toss them in the basket or bin.
  • Jot a quick note on the back with your child’s age and any details you may want to remember.

Step 4: Decide What to Keep and What to let go of. At the end of the school year, or as the basket fills up, it’s time to sort through the pile, and decide what to keep and what to let go of. Save the best and the most meaningful of your child’s treasures. I know that letting go of any of your child’s treasures can be difficult. As you are making these decisions, consider the following questions for each piece of artwork, creative writing assignment, project, or greeting card.

  • Does this show my child’s personality?
  • Does this show my child’s passions?
  • Does this reflect a special relationship in my child’s life?

Step 5: Transfer their treasures into the appropriate hanging file or art box.

By the end of high school, you will have a handpicked, wonderful, history and reflection of your child’s life and development, to treasure and enjoy.

Happy (and Organized!) Memories!

© 2013 Cheryl Osterhouse, In Order For Life, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Cheryl Osterhouse is a Professional Organizer and Owner/President of In Order for Life, LLC. For 5 years, Cheryl has been bringing order and simplicity to individuals, families and home businesses, one home at a time.

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