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Simplifying Green

03/25/2013 8:57 AM | Anonymous

by Terry Cooch of TLC Home, LLC

Green is the new annoying…. I just got recycling down!

Not only are we expected to care for our families, be loving spouses, work or volunteer, eat healthfully, exercise regularly, discover our spiritual path, attend girls night out and be knowledgeable in wine and food parings, we are to do all this while saving the planet. Something’s gotta give…we’re not superheroes.

As an organizer, I’ve witnessed the negative effects of we-expect-too-much-of -ourselves syndrome. Being unrealistic about what we can accomplish can leave us in a state of inertia, where very little gets done, or anything done well. The consequences of which can be very unfriendly to the earth. Heightened concern over hurting the earth can have the opposite of its intended effect.  Unsure of how to dispose of items, some do nothing.

Reality Green: The first step toward green living is to decide your role. Where does this fit in all of your other responsibilities and personal expectations? Do you have the time, space, resources to include every tip you’ve read into your schedule? Perhaps start simply.

Green equals efficiency: The greenest you can be is to be as organized as you can be. There is no way around that.  An efficient household creates less waste. No last minute purchases needed. No duplications to add to the landfill one day. Organization will also give you the time to incorporate best practices into your schedule.

Green Housing: Create homes for all things green. Think green systems. "Donate - Deliver", is a systems category. Just as you have a designated place for your trash and recycling, have an established home for the regular removal of giveaways. A tote bag in the hall closet works well.

Granny was green: Make do, when possible. A lot of time can be spent discovering green products. Let the first question be: Can I do without? Living simply is the greenest of all. Learn to use a good sharp knife and you’ll need few other gadgets in your kitchen.

Green Routine: Once a simplified, organized household is established, create a home maintenance routine which includes green education. While planning your week, add fifteen minutes of research time to discover best locations for deliverables and green stores or products. Green tip: save fuel by scheduling errands together and creating an efficient route.

Google Green: Remember the store of information at your fingertips. The internet can provide you with information from where to donate your old VHS tapes to green projects to get involved in. Or check out Green Drinks Annapolis, and immerse yourself in a green lifestyle.

 “It’s not easy being green.” Kermit the Frog.

Though Kermit’s woes came from his frog-ness, not his role in saving the planet, it’s a line worth stealing. Be mindful that green is another to-do you’ve added to your plate. Incorporating new living practices at a measured pace will produce long term results of both healthy earth and healthy self and family.

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Terry L. Cooch is a professional organizer, home stager, and owner of TLC Home LLC Professional Organizing Services.

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