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It’s Time to “GO” (Get Organized)!

01/07/2013 11:23 PM | Anonymous

by Cheryl Osterhouse of In Order for Life, LLC


A New Year, a new you and a new organized life. Does that sound like something you have been yearning for?  If so, you are not alone. Getting organized is consistently one of the top 5 New Year’s Resolutions of Americans.

Why is that? Why do so many Americans feel out of order and unorganized? I believe the answer is two-fold. First, most of us live at such a fast pace that we are simply overwhelmed. We plan too much, try to accomplish too much, shop too much, and generally run ourselves ragged. Secondly, many of us simply haven’t learned basic organization skills. Or, we have gotten out of the habit of practicing those skills that we may have learned and practiced in the past. Life is constantly changing, and so must our organizational habits, if we are going to keep ourselves, and our lives, in order.

Come along with us in 2013 as we offer some exciting, new, fun, learning opportunities for all who feel out of order. Come discover how to, slowly, but surely, clear the clutter, conquer the chaos, and learn simple organizing tips, tricks, habits, and strategies to get your home, your family, your business, and your life in order. Getting organized is a lifelong learning process that will simplify your time, and ultimately your life. It is a skill and a way of life that needs to be learned and re-learned, practiced and tweaked. So, come along with us, and take advantage of both local and national resources that are available to you, as you seek to Get Organized in 2013.

January is “Go Month” (National Get Organized Month), and NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) members are qualified, equipped, and eager to assist you in your goals of organizing your time, homes, and offices. Visit the NAPO Baltimore website for a list of NAPO Baltimore members. You will have the ability to search the directory for a Professional Organizer by specialty, services, or geographic area. It's up to you to identify the best Professional Organizer for your needs. Our local Baltimore NAPO chapter was founded in 2008 as the premier resources in the greater Baltimore area for organizing and productivity professionals.

Take advantage of the collective skill, wisdom, and resources of the NAPO Baltimore members. Check out our blog where you will find articles written by our Professional Organizers and Associate Members. Associate Members serve residential and corporate clients with services or products that are related to the organizing industry. Stay connected with us on Twitter (@NAPOBaltimore),Facebook, and LinkedIn. We will keep you up to date on the latest trends, products, news and events in the organizing community.

All NAPO Baltimore members are also members of NAPO National. NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) is a not-for-profit association founded in 1985. NAPO is dedicated to serving its members through education, networking and industry resources. Their mission is to develop, lead, and promote Professional Organizers and the organizing industry. NAPO members have access to a vast array of educational opportunities and must adhere to a Code of Ethics ensuring professional conduct with clients, colleagues and the community.

During GO Month, NAPO professional organizers and productivity specialists throughout the country are on hand to help individuals, businesses and schools bring time management, organization, storage solutions and productivity into their lives. Community events are held across the country by our members to help you start your year with the systems and solutions that will bring you long-term success.

Let’s make 2013 our “Get Organized Year!” Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, connect on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, where you will learn very simple and practical habits and strategies to GO (Get Organized)! Remember, getting organized is a skill and a way of life that needs to be learned and re-learned, practiced and tweaked. So, come along with us in 2013!

Happy (and Organized) days!

© 2013 Cheryl Osterhouse, In Order For Life, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Cheryl Osterhouse is a Professional Organizer and Owner/President of In Order for Life, LLC. For 5 years, Cheryl has been bringing order and simplicity to individuals, families and home businesses, one home at a time.

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