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Ready to Get Your Holiday Decor Out of Storage?

12/04/2012 11:03 AM | Anonymous

by Valerie Cowan of Destination Organized

It’s that time of year!  You feel the excitement of the holiday season as you anxiously head to the storage area to get all of your holiday items out.  Your excitement sends you soaring when you get in there and see all those holiday boxes!  You grab the fragile boxes first so you can be sure they are not at risk of being damaged.  You pile the boxes according to content; a pile for the sets of ornaments, one for the family keepsake ornaments, one for the lights, stockings, candles, etc.  Isn’t it fun and reminiscent to see all of these items again?  It really gets you in the mood to get your gift and card lists started. 

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  Ok, but let’s be honest, is that really how it is for you?  Or, will your excitement bottom out when you go for your holiday items because of the chaos that is your storage area?  Not to mention, which box is which?  Are the boxes labeled?  Are they labeled correctly?  If a box takes a tumble, will you know at a glance if it contains breakable items?  Will you work your way through a pile just to pull a box out that is not even holiday items?  Now add this to the yearly shuffle of furniture that comes with finding room for it all!  Sounds stressful, I know.  And year after year, you may vow that “this will be the year that I get all my holiday stuff organized before I put it all back, so it’s easily stored and identified!”

One way or another, the holiday items can end up causing you some stress each holiday season.  It can happen before or after, because with all this on top of the regular day-to-day things to do, it’s too easy to just throw all of the empty boxes back into storage with the intent to deal with it after the holidays.  Well, before you know it, the holiday season will come to an end and by the time you are ready to take all the decorations down, you will find that you either don’t have the time to deal with it or you don’t have the interest to deal with it because you will just want to get all that stuff out of your living room and put away so things can get back to normal!  Sound familiar?  Too often a saga that repeats year after year. 

Make this the year that you make a plan and see it through!  You will reap the rewards this time next year and quite possibly sooner if you end up freeing up extra space in your storage area.  There are so many organizing items available now to help you with this project; containers especially made for storing string lights to keep them from breaking and getting tangled, boxes that have individual sections for ornaments, storage bags and boxes for large items, bins designed just for holding gift wrap and supplies and so much more!  Make sure you use a permanent marker or a label to write what the contents are for each container.  Wishing you a happy, organized holiday season! 

Photo credit: Rubbermaid Products via photopin cc 

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