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Organizing Your Home Videos

04/05/2012 11:52 PM | Anonymous

by Sharon Wanamaker of DVDs 2 Cherish


Someday is not a day of the week. Meaning, if you keep saying that someday you will do something with those family movies, then you may not get the chance. The thing about film is that it tends to break down over time. Videos stored on magnetic tape (such as VHS, BetaMax, Super8, miniDV, etc.) deteriorate over time, leaving the video choppy, blurry or even blank. So, with Spring Cleaning on the horizon, make organizing your family movies a priority! So many of us have a jumbled box of tapes; ones of all sizes, and many without labels. And many of us don’t even have a way to play them anymore! But you know that on those are some of your best memories.

While many camcorder tapes only held 30 minutes of video, DVDs can hold two hours of video, so you can save yourself money, and space on your shelves by having tapes combined. Another space saver is to use cases that hold two discs in them, so be sure to ask that of your video professional.

When choosing a good video to DVD transfer professional, ask if they do the work at the same location you drop your videos off, or if they outsource by shipping your videos elsewhere. Old family home video media is often fragile, and more importantly, they are often the only copies. The safest way to get your videos transferred is to use a company or professional individual who performs their work in-house, rather than mailing them out.

To convert video tapes to DVD takes planning and questioning, but in the end it is a tremendous relief to have all your precious family videos transferred to a modern format. Professional Organizers are available to help ease the burden, and many of them know of companies who provide transfer services. When you transfer video tapes to DVD, you not only preserve the life span of your family videos, but you make it far easier to view and share your home videos with those you love. Some people even order extra copies to store safely, so that they feel even better about getting rid of the original tapes all together. Just think of all the space you can free up by doing just that!

In conclusion, start going through your tape boxes, even for just 15 minutes a day. Get rid of the VHS movies and recorded TV shows that are not your own material, especially if you no longer own a VCR. Then set aside those tapes that are your personal videos, find a professional video transfer company, and knock this off your to do list. Your memories will be preserved, and your house will be more organized in doing so.

© 2012 Sharon Wanamaker, DVDs 2 Cherish.  All Rights Reserved.

Sharon is the owner of DVDs 2 Cherish based in Crofton, Maryland. She specializes in converting non-copyrighted video (from VHS and all varieties of camcorder tapes) to DVD, and cassette audio tapes to CD. She also does DVD duplication jobs for individuals as well as several public schools in Maryland. Sharon is an Associate Member of NAPO Baltimore. 

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