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Creating A Sanctuary in Your Home

03/18/2012 10:53 PM | Anonymous

by Nettie Owens of Sappari Solutions

Every winter I implore folks to look to the heart of their homes, their bedrooms, to find peace and sanctuary. February was the month of love, a sentiment that can and should be carried over into March and the remaining months of the year. When we love ourselves we provide ourselves with the space we need. Part of that space is a peaceful bedroom. Having a place to retreat to is a necessity in this fast paced world. Often, your bedroom becomes a graveyard for unwanted or misplaced stuff: things that you need to make decisions on; clothes that need to be folded. Really, you want to tackle the living room, the kitchen or even the garage before handling the bedroom. However, doing so is like putting on makeup or getting a new haircut when the problem in your appearance lies in your health.

If your bedroom is out of control, you may find it difficult to sleep, to focus or to handle the daily stressors in your life. I like to think of a bedroom as a sanctuary. Literally a place where you can get away and hide from all the things that may be weighing on you: A place to sleep and rejuvenate; a place to enjoy your significant other. All of these things are important and require you to place yourself first in your busy schedule.

How can you improve this space if it is out of control? As with anything we start with a plan. Look around and make a list of all that you would like to change. Then pick the one thing on your list that you could do today in 15 minutes of time. Do it! Next, plan for the thing you could do or change that would take the least amount of time and provide the biggest impact. Work on this space in 15-minute intervals, daily. You may have to change a habit or reconsider the purpose of your room. But if you are diligent and thoughtful in the process you will be making improvements in very little time.

Reclaim your bedroom and find peace. It is the ‘physical’ your home has been waiting for!

© 2012 Nettie Owens, Sappari Solutions. All Rights Reserved.

Nettie Owens is a professional organizer and owner of Sappari Solutions serving Harford & Cecil Counties. Since 2004, Sappari Solutions has provided residential and small business clients organizational solutions that fit their lifestyle, budget and schedule. Sappari Solutions is highly committed to protecting the environment and to sustainable business practices.

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