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How Kicking a Procrastination Habit Can Help You to Reach Your Organizing Goals

01/24/2012 2:10 PM | Anonymous

By Jacquie Ross of CastAway the Clutter! 

Have your efforts to get organized failed?  Has procrastination become such a bad habit that it sabotages your efforts to get organized?  Procrastination can easily become a habit and can be a hard habit to break.  However, with some honest self-assessment and an organized and attainable plan of action, you can improve your efforts to be more organized and stop procrastination forever.

Many people who procrastinate are so used to functioning this way, they don’t even recognize it as procrastination.  Procrastination comes in many forms.  Here are a few clues that you may be procrastinating:

  1. You’ve been talking about decluttering and organizing your guest room for several months now.
  2. You’ve been avoiding decluttering your guest room because you don’t really want to do it, so you make excuses by doing other “busy work” instead.
  3. You feel overwhelmed by the task and don’t know where to start, so you do nothing.
  4. You have tried to declutter and organize your guest room in the past, but always find a way to finish early, leaving the project unfinished with no specific plan to continue the job on another day.

How do you kick the procrastination habit?  Begin by taking that overwhelming guest room and breaking it down into smaller parts that feel less overwhelming.  Then allocate a certain amount of time to work in the room; and when the time is up, you’re finished for the day.

Be accountable to someone else about improving your procrastination habits.  Tell them about the room you want to organize and when you’d like it cleared out and clutter-free.  They can help you to set deadlines and also check in with you from time to time to see if you’re making progress.  This will most likely create a commitment on your part to fulfill the expectations they've set for you.

As you work on your procrastination habits, you will probably begin to notice that you procrastinate in other areas of your life too.  This can affect your overall productivity, so it’s a good idea to sit down and map out a plan to manage your time more effectively.  When a deadline is approaching, be sure to give yourself enough time each day to work on the project so it doesn't sneak up on you at the last minute. 

When you are close to reaching your organization goal, reward yourself for good behavior.  Don't wait until you've accomplished the end goal, but reward yourself for your successes along the way. 

By making a commitment to avoid procrastinating, you'll soon be well on your way to getting those organizing projects done.  You will also discover that you will feel more relaxed, more productive and less stressed! 

© 2012 Jacquie Ross, CastAway the Clutter.  All Rights Reserved.

Jacquie Ross is a professional organizer, life and family coach and award winning owner of CastAway the Clutter! A busy mom expert, Jacquie works with moms, families and busy professionals to clear their clutter, manage their time and run their households more effectively.

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